Best of Minami Ozaki
The Best of Minami Ozaki

Tracks: 16
Length: 70:26

  1. Katsu Ai (Cathexis Style)[4:34]
  2. Jesus christ love for you [5:37]
  3. Zetsu Ai-1989 [4:57]
  4. SHAKE IT SHAKE [4:08]
  5. Beast [4:51]
  6. Lock [3:18]
  7. What Should I Do [4:34]
  8. ...Again and Again... [3:46]
  9. Bonds [5:30]
  10. (It) might not be reachable anymore [4:47]
  11. Calekka (Severe Fire) [3:36]
  12. Don't shout for love [5:06]
  13. Pitiful [2:54]
  14. ROMANTIC DANCE [4:06]
  15. The secret in the doll [4:52]
  16. Burning Heat [3:32]

It took SM Records this long to make a collection disk for all the cd's ever printed from Minami Ozaki (about 5). And for months, I've been (and many others) were sweating over the fact that some of these songs are hard to find, since the original cd's were made years ago. And now, they finally did it! But sadly, if you want this cd, you'd have to get it through this pirated company. I haven't found an authentic one from Japan yet (let me know if it exists).

After looking through this cd, I've found it disapointing because this cd is only a compilation of the vocal tracks from Cathexis, Version 1, and a selective few from Calekka. Somehow when they were making this cd, they've forgotten to include songs from Version 2 and Bronze:Nanji Koji (which they've printed in the past). Plus, the songs in Version 2 were one of the best out of the bunch (What ever happend to Bad Blood! How can you ever forget to include that song!?). But for those who never got a chance to buy Version 1, Calekka, or Cathexis, buy this cd. Version 1 is practicaly all there (missing tracks 3 & 9). The only 2 good songs in Cathexis are here. And 6 out of 10 tracks from Calekka isn't bad.

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI